What College Taught Me

Ahhh hi friends!!

I seriously can’t believe I am a college graduate… The last 4 years flew by and it is bittersweet to be done, for sure! I didn’t live the typical college lifestyle, so I wanted to share what I’ve learned through it all and some things that I would have done differently.

I started my first two years at the University of Washington, Bothell campus. I went in to college thinking I wanted to be a dentist - don’t know what I was thinking ( 😂) If chemistry and all the math classes weren’t a thing then I’d love it, but it definitely didn’t fit my personality. In my second year at UW I changed my major to Media and Communication studies and really enjoyed this! At this time I got an internship at a company called Tagboard in Redmond, WA and absolutely loved it. I got to experience a real work-life job and see what my after college life would be like. In February 2017 my family moved to Kentucky and I followed 6 months later. I transferred to the University of Kentucky and I could not be happier that I am a UK Alum. Everything happens for a reason and UK gave me the best college experience even while living at home and not knowing anyone when I started.

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My first lesson I learned from this transition was how to genuinely make new friends when I had no one in Kentucky. I didn’t hangout with anyone from school until about 3 months in because it is SO hard to meet people when they already have their groups. UK is a ginormous campus that has 33,000 students and is very into Greek life and sports. I chose not to join a sorority because it’s not my personality, but I have nothing against them! Maybe if it was my first year and I wanted to make friends, but I felt so happy in my new home with my family and friends back in WA who I talked to everyday. My piece of advice would be to not throw yourself into something you’re not interested in just because you feel lonely at the time. I had so many days in the beginning of literally longing for a good friend who felt like someone back home, and when you stop trying so hard they will come! I have made amazing friends at UK and friends outside of school who I’ve met over Instagram and through my gym classes!

My second piece of advice would be to tour colleges that you’re genuinely interested in. When I came out of high school I planned to stay in Washington where my family was, and I’m a homebody so I chose UW knowing it would be a short drive and a great education. Looking back I wish I would have gone out of state to find a beautiful campus like UK that makes me feel at home and welcome. At the time I obviously wasn’t thinking about long distance with Austin because we were still at home, and if I knew we’d be great at it like we are now I would have absolutely taken the risk. I don’t regret anything that happened, but I do wish my first 2 years were spent somewhere that I loved. Thank goodness for the move and the experience I’ve had here, but definitely go travel around and see what university fits your personality! ALSO, if you don’t have a university in mind and don’t know exactly what you want yet, go to a community college! I always look back now knowing that I won’t have a UW degree and how much money my parents could have saved. You get a degree regardless of where you go, so go to community two years and then get your degree at a university and no job will ever know.

My third piece of advice would be to do what makes you happy and never fall under the stigma of living the “college life.” If you’re someone who enjoys partying and wants to be on your own then absolutely go live on campus and have the time of your life! And if you’re a grandma like me… do what will make you happy regardless of what people say. I’ve lived at home all 4 years and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Thankfully I have the coolest parents who give me a lot of space so it’s very liberating, but I’m most happy at home and it gave me the chance to work and find out what I am passionate about. I have the rest of my life to live on my own and find new adventures so I’ve enjoyed this time with my family. I will go out occasionally if I’m in the mood, but some people don’t care to and that is OKAY. Never ever feel like you’re boring or not living it up because when you graduate and grow up you can go out too! It doesn’t end when college is over. Since I’ve had a boyfriend for almost 8 years certain priorities change for sure. We’ve never held each other back from going out, but when you go to a college party people try and dance or hit on you the entire time so I personally don’t find it fun. I love going to the bars with girlfriends or my Bumble girls, but frat parties have never been my thing. And if frat parties are your thing too that’s great - just focus on you and want you want & you will do amazing!!!

Finally, even though I didn’t choose to join a sorority there are so many other ways to get involved! Of course when college is coming to an end I find these resources... I work for Bumble as Lexington’s market lead now, but about 7 months ago I got hired on to be a city rep. It is the coolest job getting to market around your city and host awesome events. If you’re looking to meet people, download Bumble (not just for dating - BFF & Bizz mode too) and you can go to the events and meet awesome new people! If you’re new to an area try and find a cool gym or boutique to work at to meet new people! There are so many easy ways to get involved in your community. Another huge thing is to be familiar with your campus. Knowing the bus routes and different buildings/cafes and hangout spots is awesome for switching up the scenery.

One last thought… don’t push yourself too hard - we get one life to live and make it as memorable as possible. Always take care of your mental health and well-being before hurting yourself over school and relationships. It takes a lot of commitment to push through college but you got this!!! Love ‘yall!


Brining in the New Year 2019

Hey friends!

I hope you are having a great start to the new year! My goal for 2019 is to work on not letting my anxiety control certain situations in my life & to be as healthy as possible. 2018 was such a great year of growth and change for me. I was finally able to accept and appreciate having a long distance relationship, living in a new place, and making great friends. Now that I am settled and feel happy again with my new surroundings, I hope to work on my anxiety and fueling my body.

My anxiety journey has been strange because I am only anxious over medical situations and I have never had a problem… Over the past few years I’ve known many people who have been diagnosed with cancer, or struggled with mental illness. I am a hypochondriac, so seeing this happen made me think I always had a disease or that my family would come down with something, too. I hope that is never the case, but life happens and worrying won’t do anything. I’ve started to realize this a lot more lately, so my goal is to not worry over things I can’t control. I need to somehow fall in love with going to the doctor! Let me know if y’all have advice on helping with this - I know a lot of us face these same issues.


Now on to something more fun! I love being organized and have dedicated this year to getting my sh*t together. I was at my friend Katie’s over break and she got some fun organizational compartments for Christmas and I ordered them the night I got home!

I’ve been traveling a lot this last year and always throw my makeup into a bag and then have to dump it all out on the counter or floor. I have no clue why I haven’t thought to buy an organized makeup bag… But, I finally did and it is SO useful. It is the Sephora Collection Pack it All Organizer and it’s $45. There are 3 different see-through compartments and an area for your brushes. The bag is so sleek and nice I can’t wait to take this everywhere and not make such a mess.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 12.08.32 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 12.08.42 AM.png

The next item I got is this adorable Vera Bradley pill case. This is also great for traveling or throwing in your car/purse. At the moment I just have all my vitamins thrown together in a Ziplock baggie, so it feels a lot better to have them sectioned out in this cute bag. I got it on sale for $9 they’re usually $18 + shipping. So a great price, especially for this brand. Also, I know the pill case looks super small (it is) but each compartment goes down pretty deep! I keep 2 fish oils, 1 magnesium, 1 B12, and 1 vitamin D in each section.


The last organizing pack I got is for my suitcase. They are called Calpak 5 piece packing cubes and will work wonders while traveling. I fold everything in my suit case, but I don’t make specific clothing item sections because I’m usually stuffing more than I need inside. Whenever I try and find an outfit to wear my whole suitcase ends up covering the floor and creates a huge mess. These organizers are different sizes so in the small one you can put in socks and panties, the bigger shirts, jeans, accessories, and more. I can’t wait to use these when I travel in March! I’ll post an update after using them.

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 8.25.31 PM.png
Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

Best of 2018

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I was inspired to make a ‘best of’ list of my favorite products and purchases this year. Hopefully this can serve as a last minute gift guide, too!

1. Louis Vuitton Key Pouch ($205)

I bought this in April and use it every single day. I’ve attached my keys to the clip and I keep my credit cards, student ID, license, insurance, and more in the wallet. I used to have my keys on a cute keychain and then I had a separate Michael Kors card holder (which is great too), but I love having it all in one piece because I need my keys and wallet obviously when I go anywhere.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 2.42.21 PM.png

2. Revel Nails (starter kit $49)

As you all know by now, I have an addiction to Revel Nails at home dip manicures. Here is my blog post for you to get more information. This is not a distributer company, so you can simply go straight to their website and purchase through them! However, if you want 10% off your first purchase you can shop through this link.


3. Steve Madden Sneakers ($59)

I only got these a couple months ago, but they are my new favorite go-to sneakers. I swear I could never find a simple shoe like this before that I absolutely loved. I tried so many Converse and Vans, and finally found THE pair! They aren’t too expensive either, so get yours while they last!

4. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate ($80)

I know you might see the price on this face mask and skip over this one, but don’t! This is the best face mask I have ever used and you see instant results. It is considered a chemical mask because you can only use it once a week. My skin has never been so smooth and radiant after using this. I also haven’t seen my esthetician, Jasmine, for over a year now since I don’t live in Seattle, so this mask has been saving my life. A tiny bit goes a long way, so yes the price is high but it will last you for years. I’d also advise you to go to Sephora and ask for a sample of it because I got about 3 uses out of just that! You can always return opened items there as well, so no worries if you buy it and then think it’s not for you. My mama and Austin have both used the mask and they loved it.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.17.39 AM.png

5. T3 Curling Iron ($149)

Again, this is a pricier item… but so worth it! I use this about once a week and the technology it uses is less damaging than a regular curling iron. It holds the curls/waves for days and I’ve used it on many different hair types when I curl my friends hair, too!

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.18.10 AM.png

6. Delsey Luggage (originally $300 but I got mine for $150 on sale)

I adore my Delsey luggage! I know many people don’t care to spend much on a suitcase, but with all of the traveling I’ve been doing these last couple of years it was so worth it. I would recommend not getting the white set because it does get dirty… but it’s easy to clean.


7. Etsy Ear Cuffs ($7-15)

I have a new addiction to ear cuffs. I think dainty gold cuffs are so so cute! Etsy has the perfect designs and prices if you’re on a budget but wanting great quality. Look at my jewelry Pinterest board for some fun inspo!

8. Hot Yoga, Bootcamp, Pure Barre, & more!

I love working out and actually enjoying the process. A great gift idea for a loved one could be a gift certificate to an activity that they haven’t tried yet!

9. Last, I love spending money on trips over material items any day. Making special memories in new places and getting to see more of the world is so important. I hope to travel a lot in 2019 and spend a ton of time with loved ones. Let me know your favorite items of 2018 below! Love you all xoxoxo

8 Holiday Decor Ideas for your Home & Bedroom

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It’s the day after Thanksgiving so you know what that means!!!! Time to decorate! My family started decorating almost a month ago… But, I feel like it’s an appropriate time to share now. Also, if you want to get in the holiday spirit make sure to go see the new Grinch movie. It was SO good and crazy adorable!

Last Christmas my family was building our house, so we didn’t have a tree set up or many decorations. We went all out this year and I’m so excited to share! My mama gets a lot of credit for the decorations downstairs, and I’ll take it for my bedroom! Most of the decorations are from Hobby Lobby that I will link below, and the fireplace mantel lights are from Costco.


1. Farm House Star

I love this decoration because the candle light glows through all the holes in the star onto the wall! Very affordable, too. ($8.99)


2. Wreaths

I wanted to add this wreath to my barn door, but I couldn’t find a thick enough hook to fit over… So, we tied a ribbon around and made a cute bow at the top. We also got the same three wreaths and put them up top in the foyer windows! The wreaths were only $6 and I bought little flower pieces to tie into the wreath to decorate it! Super easy and each decor piece was about $2.


3. Pillows & Throws

These pillows are from Hobby Lobby and Pier 1! They have a bunch of festive pillows and blankets to choose from for a great cost. We got a red and black thermal sherpa blanket there too, but my pup was laying on top of it so I didn’t take a photo.


4. Fireplace Mantel

The lights on the fireplace are from Costco! We already have a lot of green garland in the house, so it was nice to change it up here. This piece makes the room so cozy and has the perfect light when the main lights are off.


5. Foyer Garland

This garland is SO pretty! I love the pinecones and ornaments along it. We used two pieces to cover the rail and tied it down with garland flexible ties. These ties are awesome because they blend into the garland and looks good no matter what angle you’re standing from.


6. Candlesticks

We’ve had these candlesticks forever and were about to get rid of them so my mama decided to paint them! I believe she used spray paint and then added glitter on top. They’re perfect for the holidays!


7. Mini Christmas Tree

This was the first year I got a little tree for my room and I am obsessed! I love laying in bed and seeing my cute, decorated tree. I got this at hobby lobby for 50% off so it came to $75. It has cute snowy leaves, cranberries, and pinecones, too! I got my ornaments from Hobby Lobby as well and stuck to a silver theme.


8. Table Centerpiece

Last we have a cute holiday table piece! This is once again from Hobby Lobby and adds the finishing touch to the kitchen area. It’s a good size and continues the silver pattern throughout the house!


I hope you all enjoyed the holiday decorating guide! I plan to add some twinkle lights to my room but haven’t had the time to shop yet. I’d love to see how you decorate and get more fun ideas! Love y’all xoxox