5 Tips For Better Sleep

5 Tips For Better Sleep

We’ve all had days or even weeks of not sleeping through the night just tossing and turning trying to rest. I need and appreciate my sleep more than anything because the amount of sleep I get truly carries into how I feel and present myself the next day. If I don’t get enough sleep I tend to be a bit moody, over-eat, procrastinate, make it a lazy day, etc. After starting therapy again I’ve come to realize I need to get back onto a sleep routine to help with my overall health. I also stay up until 1-2am sometimes because my boyfriend and friends are on Pacific time… so breaking that habit has been a challenge but here are some tips that have really helped me lately.


Bed For Sleep Only

My first tip is to make your bed for sleep only. I forget where I read this but after incorporating it into my lifestyle I sleep SO much better!! I used to sit on my bed to do work on my laptop or sit and read/hangout with friends. Now I only get into my bed if I am going to be staying in it the rest of the night. I’ll still read a book before bed or watch YouTube videos, but once I’m in I don’t get up only to use the bathroom! See if this helps you out and let me know I’m super interested! Also, make sure your bedroom is clean before you hop in bed because it makes sleep that much better!

Blackout Shades

Second tip is to have blackout curtains. I live for my room being pitch black and I go crazy if I see any light! I used to have blinds and would wake up around 6am when the sun was up and then be in a foggy sleep. My black out shades make it so that I sleep until my alarm goes off with no distractions. If you can’t get blackout curtains try using a sleep mask - they work wonders too!

I don’t know about you but I love to sleep in a cold room with the sound of a fan on. I keep my AC set to 70 and will either have my overhead fan on for extra cooling or if I just want the sound of a fan I keep my bathroom fan on. I also love my silk sheets and pillow case that keep me cool in bed and not sweaty. Silk sheets feel so clean and cool so that’s a bonus if you don’t have AC!

Bedtime Routine & Sleep Schedule

My fourth tip is to help you wind down at night. I have a routine of making hot tea (even in the summer), spraying magnesium oil on my feet, and taking my peppermint CBD oil. I feel like this puts me in Zen mode and I am ready to knock out right after! Magnesium oil is great for calming your body and mind AND your pores soak up 60% of what’s put on and magnesium is used for relaxation to help with sore muscles and anxiety. You can put socks on after if you don’t want it in your sheets, but it doesn’t do anything to mine. I also spray this on my feet first thing in the morning! Another huge factor in sleeping well is creating a sleep schedule. I set my phone alarm for 9pm and this reminds me to start my night time routine and wind down. Try and go to bed around the same time each night and wake up at the same time too to get your body adjusted to your schedule.

Sleep App

Finally, I’d suggest falling asleep to a meditation app or guidance online. I always have my best sleep when I fall asleep to these because it has my mind in the right place and I sleep much heavier. You can look up “sleep meditation” on YouTube or use an app like Head Space or Calm. Podcasts are also great ~ I love The Anxiety Coaches Podcast at night.

I hope these tips are helpful! Let me know what you do to sleep well in the comments below :)

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