30 Day Celery Juice Challenge - Success!

30 Day Celery Juice Challenge - Success!

Hey Y’all!

I just finished my 30 day celery juice challenge and wanted to share how my experience was! I’ve heard about this trend before, but just thought it was like a juice cleanse. I had NO clue how many benefits celery had and what it can do for your body.

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I followed the Medical Medium about a month ago who has a New York Times Best Selling book on celery juice. It sounds so silly because I’ve always thought celery was a crunchy stalk of water… But, I’ve felt so great juicing this whole month and will continue to do so. The testimonials posted on the Medical Medium’s Instagram page are amazing. This juice has changed so many peoples’ lives for the better and I’m so thankful I jumped on this trend!

For me personally juicing has helped mostly with my digestion and energy. I eat fruits and veggies daily and this still makes such a difference in my digestive system. One of the main benefits of celery juice is how it helps with chronic illnesses and acne. I don’t have either of these, but I have noticed how hydrated my skin looks and feels. Another benefit I’ve noticed is less foggy brain and anxiety. I usually nap most days and I haven’t this whole time so I’m assuming it’s been from the celery juice. Also, if I can prevent any disease or virus happening to my body I will absolutely do just that! I am completely for finding preventions to illness and will do anything to stay as healthy as possible.

I want to do a little q & a to help answer some questions I had when I first started!

Questions you asked me on Instagram Stories:

Is the taste super strong? And how much do you spend a week on celery bunches?

  • The taste honestly isn’t bad at all. Yes, the juice turns out to be dark green, but the taste is practically water! My mama and I both juice it each morning so we spend around $20 a week ($10 each person) and you use about 10 stalks each time you juice.

Does it taste like you’re drinking celery?

  • The first few days, yes… But after you get used to it it’s easy to down. I even sip on it some mornings when I don’t feel like chugging it.

Drinking it each day, where did you store all the celery?

  • I keep a couple bags in the kitchen fridge and we have a garage fridge as well that we keep the rest in. We do go to the store once a week to get it because it does take up a lot of room and you want it fresh.

How much celery did you use each day?

  • I used about 1 bunch each day so 10 stalks

Is it something you will continue to do every day?

  • YES!! I feel like it’s a 30 day challenge because something becomes a habit after 20 days of doing it. I got so used to waking up and juicing first thing that it has become an easy step in my everyday life. I feel so good drinking it daily and the two times I’ve made it later in the day or forgot it I noticed a difference in my digestion and bloating.

How did your results differ from others?

  • Personally my results are the same as others with digestion and foggy brain. I don’t have acne or an illness that I know of, so I am mainly using it now to prevent further issues and sustain my health.

What benefits does it provide someone who doesn’t have gut issues?

  • If you have any skin conditions like acne or eczema, it helps treat that along with giving your body the natural supplements to flush out strep and bacteria. I’m no expert, but I have read this information from the Medial Medium’s blog and Instagram page. He has a podcast talking all about it linked here.

What result was the most shocking?

  • Honestly how fast it digested my food and ZERO bloating. I consider myself very healthy and make regular bathroom stops, but I do even more now and my stomach is never bloated.

What results did you get?

  • My whole body feels extremely hydrated and alert in the morning. I feel more focused than I used to and less tired throughout the day!

When do you drink the juice?

  • First thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Wait 30 minutes until consuming anything else after.

How much do you drink?

  • 12-16oz so about one bunch of celery (7-10 stalks)

What juicer do you use?

  • I use the Jack La Lanne’s power juicer (many options on amazon too that are cheaper)

Can I make celery juice ahead of time?

  • You should try and make it fresh, but if you have to the longest you should go is 24 hours

Is it okay to add lemon, lime, or apple to my celery juice?

  • You should try your best to drink it straight. If you absolutely have to then you can for the first few days, but they say the best benefits are from straight celery juice. Adding other things take away from the celery’s medicinal properties. I promise it doesn’t taste bad - try and plug your nose the first few times if you’re worried.

Does it taste bad?

  • Honestly, no. However, if you’re not used to celery or vegetables then it will be an acquired taste. I hate bad tastes and plugged my nose the first time cause I was freaked out that I’d be grossed out. It’s practically water with a little flavor.

From Google:

Celery is low-energy vegetable. Due to low level of calories, celery is suitable for diets. Celery contains certain amounts of vitamins C, K, B2 and dietary fibers. Celery was initially used as medicine in treatment of toothache, insomnia, hypertension, anxiety, arthritis, rheumatism and to purify the blood.

I hope this helped you all learn more about celery juice! If I can do anything to help prevent my body from disease I absolutely will. I think it’s so cool that this is becoming a trend and helping so many people because it is SO CHEAP!!! I get about 5 bags of celery each week with 3 bunches in each one and it costs around $20. That’s over a 2 weeks worth for only 20 bucks! If you can prevent bacterias and diseases from entering your body for that cheap it’s crazy not to try. It also holds a ton of vitamins as seen above, so you can juice it for extra vitamins and nourishment.

Love you all! xoxox

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If you want to check out my challenge head over to my Instagram @megancarolineblog and click the celery juice highlight!

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