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Hey friends!

I’ve partnered with an amazing hair care company, Formulate, and am so excited to share all my info with you! I’ve been using this product for 5 weeks now, so I thought it would be a good, honest time to share a review.

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Formulate is a hair company that allows you to fully customize your shampoo and conditioner. You start by taking an online survey where it asks you a TON of questions to create the perfect formula. It starts by asking what your natural hair is like, then what your hair goals are & lastly you complete the finishing touches like scent, texture, etc. Once you finish your survey your bottles ship out and seriously get to your home within three business days. It was so fast!

When I got my package in the mail I was in awe of the gorgeous packaging! I expected it to come in a boring brown box with a page inside explaining the process. I was wrong! The bottles are so sleek and the paper it comes with is so nice explaining EXACTLY what you ordered, the ingredients, benefits, and how to use properly.


I used my formula for a couple weeks and then got an email from the team asking how everything was. I loved everything about my bottles except the citrus scent I chose… So, I emailed that back and Caroline was on it and sent out new bottles the next day with the new scent “green with envy”. I was shocked that I could get new bottles just because I didn’t love the smell! That goes to show how on top of it this company is. I loveeee the new smell of my shampoo and conditioner and am honestly so happy with their customer service. If you don’t like something about your formula they will help you until you find the perfect match! The first bottles cost $50, and after the first if you want to change something it is free of charge the second time. After that I believe you pay a small fee and shipping. Great deal overall! I couldn’t imagine it taking more than two times because they use great ingredients and the in-depth survey really helps.

Finally, after using this product for 5 weeks I’ve noticed my hair is shinier, softer, and holds a curl better. I specifically asked for my formula to help my hair lengthen, protect color, control oil, replenish hair, and volumize. My formula has helped my hair greatly and I am excited to see more results over time!

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I’d recommend y’all to try the scent “Green with Envy”. It smells delicious and isn’t overpowering. I usually love citrus scents but I didn’t like it in my hair for some reason. You can also choose the power of your smell from low-high, so if you don’t like much scent don’t worry!

I hope this post was insightful and can help you choose a great hair care system that is formulated just for YOU.

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