Tanning Tips - STC Sponsored

Hey All!

As we know when summer fades so do our tans… I am so excited to be partnering with Sun Tan City to share my favorite tanning regime & tips! If you want to keep a gorgeous year round glow, keep reading!

I am someone who loves being tan 24/7, but does’t want to spend a ton of money on it. Sun Tan City has so many amazing offers and promotions throughout the months that help you tan on a budget. Also, if you’re in school you automatically get a great discount when you show your student ID.

I’ll be sharing deals each month through my blog and instagram, so make sure to keep updated on my STC highlight or my blog. January 1-31st is Tour of the City!! Get 5 Tans Including a Spray Tan for just $4.99 all month long when you purchase a Tour of the City on the Sun Tan City App or MySunTanCity.com. If you visit the salon you can get another 5 Tans Including a Spray Tan for $9.99. AND starting January 23rd-31st it is only $1 to join! You can join for $1 and tan the rest of January for FREE. You can also Unfreeze or Upgrade your Membership for $1, too. Normal Membership rates start February 1, but it’s your time to shine, do don’t miss out!

I hope y’all are excited to follow along and hear about all of the amazing deals to come! When I tan I go in the Instant bed for 10 minutes and then spray right after - they call it double dipping. I spray in Medium Clear and do a double on my legs! The spray tan machine is very helpful and talks to you the whole time throughout the process. If I am only tanning then I use my Jwoww Reality Check lotion, and if I am tanning AND spraying then I use the Versaspa Intensifying Prime. If you have any questions please reach out and I am more than happy to help!