Combat Anxiety with CBD Oil

If you struggle with anxiety or want to try a supplement for your overall health, then this is the post for you! I’m so excited to share about my CBD oil experience with you all! You might have gotten a sneak peak if you follow me on Insta and saw my stories highlight, but if not I will let you know now! I am sharing a discount code below for Nature’s Script CBD, so scroll on through this if you want to skip the reading.

I had an overwhelming flow of messages come through after sharing my experience with CBD on Instagram. It feels so great to be able to share what I know about this oil and help people the best I can to find a solution to their anxiety. I swear we all have anxiety these days, and it is so important to take care of our bodies.


I started taking CBD oil about two months ago as a natural supplement to reduce my anxiety. A year or so ago I was on actual anxiety medicine when I was going through a life change. I felt fine being on that, but I am not someone who likes to take medicine, so after I was feeling better my plan was to wean off and find a natural remedy. I had heard about CBD oil but I thought there was THC in it, so it took me a while to really look into it and do my research. By the way, there is 0% trace of THC if you buy a CBD isolate. After doing lots of research and talking to people who take CBD, I found a couple trusted brands to try.

CBD oil helps joint pain and muscle support, anxiety, insomnia, overall wellness, and more. The first brand I tried was SOUL CBD linked here. This brand is specifically known for their “anxiety drops.” The bottle cost $60 and was a months supply for morning and night. You can choose from different mg, so the more mg per bottle the more expensive. The effects I felt from this oil was reduced anxiety and an overall calm feeling.


The brand I am currently taking is Nature’s Script CBD oil. I have felt the most benefits from this brand over the past two weeks now. They sent me a 300mg bottle, a 1000mg bottle, and hemp extract gummies. The flavors are delicious and I have not felt anxious once, AND my sleep schedule is amazing. Austin gets sad because I’m going to bed earlier after taking the 1000mg before bed! The 300mg that I take in the morning is watermelon flavor and the 1000mg I take before bed is peppermint. I’ll eat the gummies randomly during the day if I feel off, but these are so dangerous because they honestly taste better than normal gummy bears! I’ve had to take them out of my room cause I would eat them like candy…


If you have any questions about CBD oil I would love to answer them to the best of my ability. Also, if you have been taking CBD oil or other natural supplements that help you, I’d love to hear about them!

Nature’s Script was so kind and gave me a discount code for y’all to use! This code is in no way an affiliate link or endorsement, meaning I make no commission off of it. It is simply for you to use if you would like to try CBD. I know it can be expensive, so I hope this code for 20% of makes it a little easier to purchase!

Use code “MC20” on Nature’s Script website at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order.

Also, for additional information here are a couple articles that help explain CBD oil and its benefits.