3 Fun, Easy Hairstyles Using a Bandana

Happy Monday! Today I am sharing 3 of my favorite hair styles using a bandana. I love how a bandana can dress up a casual outfit and make it so cute! I use silky bandanas while using them in my hair because they don’t look as stiff, but any bandana works!

My first hairstyle is a half up bun with a bandana bow. I love the chunky look the bandana gives, and it is adorable from behind! I start by using an elastic band to tie up the top layer of my hair and form a small bun. Then I take my silky bandana and tie a bow around!


The second look is a high bun with the bandana tied around. I throw my hair up in a messy bun and take the bandana behind my head and wrap it around twice and tie it off in front.


The third style is a low pony. I pull my hair back into a low pony and tie the bandana around as the actual hair tie instead of using one. This makes the style loose and messy.


There are so many other fun hairstyles to play around with while using bandanas! I hope y’all enjoy xoxo