Summer Favorites

Hey friends! 

I wanted to share my summer favorites with you because I have been living for these items this summer! I am sharing everything that I have been using/wearing on a regular basis these past few months. Enjoy! 


To start, who loves a perfect summer candle?! I have a few of these candles from Bath and Body Works, and the others listed are the ones I was tempted to buy in store but I told myself no... I splurge on candles way too often! 

You can't shop the immediate candle links because Bath and Body Works is not compatible with ... So, here is a list of the candles that I believe smell best! If you are reading this TODAY (July 15, 2018) they are on sale! They always have sales and coupons for these candles, but if you are looking to get some before summer is over head on over to Bath and Body Works!


Here are my favorite beauty and hair products of this summer! I am loving how these products make my skin glow and look like I have the perfect sun-kissed tan! The CLINIQUE Almost Lipstick is a must have! I seriously need all of you to purchase it right this second in the color "black honey" and tell me what you think! I got it as a sample at Sephora and the color looked dark to me so I didn't wear it for the longest time. When I finally tried it I was shocked at how mellow the color was and it is beyond moisturizing. I use it as a daily chapstick now! The OUAI products are no joke either! They are a bit pricey, but the results are worth it. Also, I have fallen in love with Loving Tan. I have never been a self-tan user after my traumatic experience with it in middle school... I would always tan in a bed and kill my skin before school dances or vacations. I am so happy that I tried Loving Tan and gave it a chance because it gives me a smoother tan than any tanning bed would anyway, and I am not harming my skin! 


My favorite accessories for summer are listed below! These bandana scarves are the cutest hair accessory - I get so many compliments when I have them in. They're also from Free People so you'd think they would be expensive, but they are reasonably priced! I also shared my favorite earrings, sunglasses, fragrances, phone cases, and boob covers! 



Finally, I want to share my favorite clothing items! From dresses to lounge wear - these items have been my go-to summer pieces. I love any dress that flows and looks happy! I just got these shorts and crewneck at Aerie and I have been living in them everyday. They are so comfortable and cute! ALO and Free People have great leggings that are machine washable and don't lose color or wear down easily. Last, I added in my Steve Madden wedges because I have worn them more than any other wedge I have and they are also comfortable and easy to walk in. 

I hope y'all enjoy this post! I'd love to hear all about your summer favorites! xoxoxo