How to get Amazing Lashes & Brows

Hey Friends -

I am super excited to be working with Babe Lash for this blog post!

First off, Babe Lash is a serum that creates beautiful long lashes and brows. I started using this product when I was in 10th grade of high school (about 5 years ago) and have been using it since! Those who know me from back then know that I had NO (zero, zilch, non-existent) eyebrows… It was pretty embarrassing! I purchased this product at a local lash boutique in Washington State, back when it was $50 for a bottle (it is now $65, but so worth it), and used it to get longer looking lashes and brows. I did extensive research on what serum to purchase back then, and Babe Lash won with their amazing reviews!

Here is a picture of what my eyebrows used to look like... They were extremely thin and ended about halfway down the brow structure:




And here is a photo of my eyebrows before I got them microbladed to make them even bushier. You can see what a difference Babe Lash did to my eyebrows! I remember all of my friends being so shocked that I finally had hair up there and looked normal  I saw results within 4 weeks of using this product and continued to use it every other day to once a week once I had the results I wished for!


I also use this product on my lashes. It helps promote dramatically longer looking lashes. I used to get eyelash extensions and my gal told me to use Babe Lash on top of the extensions to help me retain my extensions longer. It helped to keep my lash extension game strong PLUS gave my natural lashes an extra boost so I could keep my lash fills consistent.

Overall, Babe Lash is a wonderful product and it truly works! I wouldn’t be sitting here typing a testimonial if it hadn’t have done so much for me - 5 years later and I am still using it religiously!

If you want to purchase your own bottle of Babe Lash use my discount code “LASHLOVE20” to get 20% off!! I promise you will absolutely love this product and continue to buy more. Maybe get two bottles while you’re at it because I know you will fall in love and hop on the computer to purchase more once you’re out!

Love you all!! Thank you for reading! Comment below if you have used Babe Lash and what your experience with it has been!