Beachy Waves & Extensions

Hey All!

I recently went back to blonde and got tape-in extensions. I wanted to share about my extensions because I absolutely LOVE them!! I already have thick hair but I wanted to make it even thicker and add a couple inches. Tape-ins are the best way to go extension wise because they are the least damaging and last the longest. A couple years ago tape in extensions were extremely damaging because of the glue they used - but now they use a great glue that lasts for months and does no damage! The hair is pricey for sure, but if you want real hair that will last a long time it is worth it to pay the price!

Most extensions are real human hair so the hair follicle falls in place with yours. My hair dresser, Camille orders the best real hair so it will last a long time. She said that mine should last about a year or two before I need to replace the hair. I have to go in every 6-8 weeks to get the tape in’s raised to my hair line so they do not grow out and get caught in my brush. Camille gave me a Wet Brush to use with my extensions because it does not rip and tear at the hair. I am loving this brush so far and I had heard a lot about it before she gave it to me! They are about $15 and a must have if you have extensions.


Q & A:

How do they match your hair color?

They match your hair color by using sample hair pieces. If your hair doesn’t match exactly they can always color the extensions before putting them in.


How do the extensions look natural?

After the extensions are in they cut your hair and blend it to look natural. A haircut is included in this service because you have to blend the extensions with your normal hair.


Do they hurt?

Not at all. And for how long my hair is you would think I would feel the weight of the extensions and I don’t notice them at all. Sometimes I rub my scalp and I’m like “oh yeah I have these in!”


Can you wear your hair up?

Yep! I wouldn’t be able to get them if I couldn’t wear my hair up. I always do a low pony or high bun and they work for both!

At night you have to sleep with a low pony in to hold the hair in the same direction so you don’t mess up the tape from laying funny.


Can you swim?

Yes, in a lake or fresh water… but you don’t want your extensions in chlorine (pools or hot tubs). That is just for color reasons though - so if they’re dark then I don’t think it would be a problem


Can you use hair products?

Yes you can use all hair products as long as you don’t apply it around your scalp where the tape ins are. You don’t want anything oily to loosen the tape.


How long does the hair last?

Tape in's last for about one to two years depending on how well you take care of them!


How much do they cost?

They start around $250 and can go past $1,000. It depends on where you go and what type of extensions you get.


I hope this helps answer your questions about hair extensions! If you have any additional questions feel free to ask me! xoxox