Surprising Austin Getaway

Hey Friends!

I had so much fun surprising Aust this week in Spokane and wanted to share with y’all. I’m genuinely shocked that he had no clue what was going on… He’s all worried now that he’s oblivious! 

I got the idea to surprise him since I wasn’t going back to Washington for Thanksgiving break, and our favorite country artist was playing in Spokane this week. I planned it out with two of my best friends that go to school close by since we all wanted to go to the concert. I got my plane ticket about a month in advance and there were a few times that I almost blurted out what was going on, but I realized the surprise would be well worth the wait! 

The morning I left I texted him that I was going into a test and then had an advising appointment for graduation after. Thank goodness for Delta having free WiFi because if I didn’t text him for 8 hours I’m sure he would find out and contact my family/friends. It was so fun texting him the whole time acting like it was such a normal day. When I was about to land I told him I just got home from school and was going to take a nap. When I landed I got an Uber to go to his apartment and I kid you not the whole way there my heart was racing and I couldn’t stop shaking. When we pulled up I had to carry my 50 pound luggage up 3 flights of stairs but I must have blacked out because I seriously don’t remember a thing. The full video of me surprising him is hilarious as I’m huffing and puffing up the stairs frantically. I love that he thought I was 2,500 miles away napping in bed just to be standing in front of him!

I was there for 6 days so we had lots of time to spend together. He still had school and baseball but it wasn’t too bad. On Thursday night we went to see Kip Moore and had the best time! He is amazing live - if you love him I hope you get the chance to see him in concert because you will be blown away.

IMG_2066 2.JPG

We got dinner at a place called Casper Fry in south hill Spokane which was delicious. We went there a few times it was that good! I also couldn’t help but get a coffee everyday since we don’t have coffee stands in Kentucky... I missed my favorite white chocolate americano! It is sooo much better with the powder rather than the syrup or sauce.


On Saturday Aust and I went to Coeur d’Alene to spend the day by the water and eating yummy food. We parked in this cute town center on lake Coeur d’Alene and walked around the dock and got coffees (again). I believe the place was called Evans Brothers and they had this iced ginger lemonade on the menu that I asked for steamed. The girl looked at me like I was crazy, but it was delicious! I forgot to mention that it snowed here the day before and was absolutely freezing. The town already had all of their trees wrapped with lights and wreaths hung on the doors. It felt so happy and festive. At one point we were walking around the lake and found a bench to sit on. He always jokes with me that he’s proposing and as he’s messing around I look to my left and there was a photographer kneeled down facing us. I had a moment of panic and then realized the photographer was taking pics of the leaves or something, ha! I knew it wasn’t really happening but my gosh I’m so excited for that time to come. We went to dinner later that night at Crafted Public House and had such yummy food. Our night ended with stopping by a candy shop to load up on sweets for movie night. We also got stickers for our laptops at a cute shop. I’ve always wanted to decorate one because I swear every student at UK goes all out, so we decided to get a cute Washington one to start. If you have yours decorated send me a pic for some inspo! 

Facetune_11-11-2018-11-38-43 2.JPG

Of course Sunday comes around faster than ever and it’s time to go home. I cherish all the time I get to spend with Austin when we’re together. It’s so exciting that college is nearing an end, but I’m starting to get sad because I love my school more than anything and the friends I’ve made here. But I’m an old soul and beyond ready for marriage and babies so it all feels right! I love you all thanks for taking the time to read and share special moments in my life! xoxoxo