Blogiversary & Inspo

Ahh Hi Friends!

I can’t believe it has been a year since I launched my blog! I started Megan Caroline as a creative outlet to express my feelings through a life transition. It did just that and SO much more. It has truly helped me grow as a person and I couldn’t be more thankful for what blogging has brought me.

I want to recap what this year has taught me along the way. I launched my blog on October 8th, 2017, and now exactly a year later I feel like a whole new person. I began junior year at UK the day after moving here, and at this time I was trying to meet new friends and go to fun events. It is unreal how hard it is to meet people when you aren’t a part of a sports team, sorority, or club of any sort. I’m an outgoing person, but it didn’t make it any easier… Thankfully, I met some amazing people in classes that are now some of my absolute best friends. My friends were so sweet to show me around Kentucky and make it home. I’m happy to say that I now know this place like the back of my hand. I love that blogging helped me network and connect with other people in the area, and I got to attend some meet-ups and be introduced to amazing girls. A few of my most favorite, honest blog posts that helped me express my feelings during this time are Life Changes and A Better Me.


I’ve come to love Kentucky more than I thought I ever could. I was upset when my sister and her husband moved because later my parents followed. But, as much as I wanted to not like it I have fallen in love for sure. It’s so crazy to look back on because I first visited last March and thought it was nice, but it obviously was a quick trip to a place I was not familiar with. Once I moved and was accustomed to my surroundings I adjusted just like that. I’m so lucky to have amazing friends and boyfriend who have visited as well and adored the south. It makes it feel that much more like home. It’s also true that home is wherever your family is. I love my family so much and hope to be as close to them as possible throughout my life. My mom and I used to crack up over the thought of coming to Kentucky because when you’re on the west coast you honestly think this place doesn’t exist. I was awful and thought it was full of pastures and horse buggies. Obviously that isn’t the case. When I saw the huge mall and outdoor shopping centers I was shocked! I have found that my personality fits in perfectly here, and I never thought I would say this, but I have no desire to move back to Washington. Washington is amazing and I will forever love that I grew up there, but after experiencing this new lifestyle I would choose it a thousand times over again. It makes me excited for my future because I plan to live in many different states, or countries, because I have learned to love a new place more than where I used to be. It is such a great reminder to us all that the world has so much to offer and all we have to do is take a new step to find happiness. I was at Starbucks the other day and they have the “You are Here” collection and the Kentucky mug has a text bubble that says “It’s THAT friendly.” People back home always ask me if it’s just a saying, and it truly is not. Everyone here is crazy friendly to where it can almost feel creepy sometimes. The environment is slower, the weather is amazing, and the CHARM. I also love that we neighbor with four other states because you can explore so many places by driving. I’ve been dying to go to South Carolina, so I hope to make a trip there soon! A few travel and friendship posts over this year are Friends Trip, Caribbean Vacay, and Weekend Getaway.


I’ve learned to be okay on my own. The anticipation of leaving all my besties and Austin had me dying, but once you go and see that the relationships stay the same you feel great. I share my insight about this in a post called Long Distance Love. I do live at home with my parents at the moment and for real would stay forever if I could. I have come to appreciate my family more than anything and am so blessed to have an amazing home life (and view - bedroom tour) that it will be a struggle when the day comes. One thing I wish I posted more about is fun recipes! I was great at posting recipes in the beginning and shared my favorite pancake and energy ball recipe. I still make those every week, so I will try and share more food posts as I continue on.


Altogether, remember that you will always find amazing people wherever you go as long as you reach out and try new things. Make sure to always take care of yourself mentally and make a change if something doesn’t feel right. Always experience new restaurants, mannerisms, and cultures. I’ve already developed new habits here of saying “yes ma’am” and “sir” while speaking to elders. All of the kids I watch call me Miss Megan and it is the sweetest thing. Also know that you don’t have to go to a new school or even move to make a life change. You can drive an hour away and network with people in the area and make amazing new friendships. I don’t think I am more experienced or mature than anyone else out there just because I moved, but it did make me grow personally and experience new things I never thought I would. If you aren’t happy or feel that there is more to life then make a change! I love the saying: “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” Thank you all for reading my stories and reaching out when you relate. AND for entering into my giveaways and engaging with my posts - I truly notice who engages and is there along the way. I appreciate you so so so much!