Current Obsession: Bell Sleeves

Hello Friends!!

Happy Thursday! I haven’t published a fashion post in a while so I thought it was about time!

I have been OBSESSED with bell sleeves lately! I recently bought a black long sleeve and a blazer with bell sleeves because I think they’re so fun and cute! You can dress them up or down depending on your style for the day. I wore jeans with both styles because it was honestly all I brought to Washington for the week, but I would totally wear these outfits with leggings or a skirt, too!

I tucked in the black long sleeve to make it look like a body suit and paired it with the belt and booties. The jeans had a lot going on so I wanted this outfit to look as simple as possible. I love simplicity so an outfit that you could wear to school or on a date night is the one for me! The striped blazer is a bit fancier so I wouldn’t choose to wear this on a casual day, but it is great for work or a night out, too. I paired the blazer with fringe jeans and a loose v-neck to keep it casual.

I got both pairs of jeans from Nordstrom and they were on sale for $58 each! I love getting a good pair of discounted jeans that will last me a long time. The fringe jeans are totally in style right now so I’ve been dying to find a pair that I love! You can also find these at Nordstrom Rack or online. My friend’s boutique carries them as well in Bothell, Washington called Marlowe Boutique. 

One of my favorite purchases of 2018 has been my Rebecca Minkoff off the shoulder bag. I've been obsessed with the velvet trend for a while now; however, I usually stick to black so I was excited to spice up my wardrobe with a blush colored velvet this time. I was about to purchase this bag online for $200 and that night my boyfriend and I went to Nordstrom Rack to find him a snow jacket and I saw this on a rack right as we walked in! Talk about a sign- it was on sale for $75!! I literally started jumping up and down because what a deal that was. It came from Nordstrom so it wasn't in the cute bag it would originally come from online, but to me it looked the exact same and was in great condition so I am happy to save some extra bucks! The size is perfect because it can hold my phone, wallet, and whatever small products I choose to take with me for the day. 

As for shoes, I chose my go-to black booties. These boots are extremely comfortable and look super cute with jeans! I've been wearing them for about two years now and they are still in great shape. 

Thanks to Sarah Wolfe (an amazing photographer) who took these photos when I was in Seattle over winter break. We had some fun in the rain as you can tell! 


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