Lots of Fur

Hey everyone!

I am obsessing over fur jackets lately, so I wanted to make a post of my favorite ones I’ve found and where to get them! 

A couple bloggers that I follow posted that they have found some cheap furs at H&M and Forever 21. I started my shopping at those two stores and I found a LOT!! These coats are so soft and fuzzy- they will keep you warm all day and throughout winter. A problem I noticed with the coats is that some of them are pretty puffy and they can definitely make you look a bit chunky. I’m 5’2 so the longer ones make me look bigger, so I stuck to the shorter coats. I found that they also run pretty large, so if you are ordering online maybe get a size down from what you normally wear. 

I bought the long beige coat at H&M. This one was a bit pricey, but it’s a must have for cold days. I also got the blush one from H&M as well! I love this one it looks like a fluffy little bird coat. The white one was purchased at Forever 21 and it was under $50! I’ll make sure to link all of these below so you can shop before they run out! 

These coats can be paired with anything honestly! You can wear a distressed t-shirt under it or a cute tank. You can wear booties with them or running/casual shoes too. Let me know if y’all have any favorite furs because I would love to find some more!

H&M Faux Fur Coat

H&M Blush Coat

Forever 21 White Coat

Forever 21 White Coat 2

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