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Happy December, Friends! This year is flying by I swear. Winter can dry up our hair and cause frizz, so I thought it was the perfect time to write a post about my favorite products to keep my mane tamed! 

I have been asked by so many people what products I use on my hair and how I style it, so I thought I’d write a blog post in detail on my favorite products and how I maintain my hair! I’m going to post the answers to my most frequently asked questions below and hopefully answer all of your questions!

To start, the last few years I have had a mix between brown and blonde balayage on top of my natural brown hair. I loved this look so much, however, I could not stand the constant grow out. I've never been a fan of the Ombre look, and I feel like that's what I had going on. In October I flew to Washington for my friends wedding and decided to see my hair gal and go back to dark! I am LOVING my dark hair again. One time in high school I dyed my hair literally black and was forever scarred so I didn't think I'd have the courage to do it again... But now years later I am loving the natural look! 


What shampoo and conditioner do you use?

  • I have been using Joico K-Pak Color Therapy shampoo and conditioner for years now. I sometimes will switch between Joico and Loma depending on how much I want to spend. Loma is a lot more expensive because it is natural hair care, so anything all natural will always cost you more. Both of these shampoos are great for colored hair so I use them when I have both blonde and brown hair.


What purple shampoo do you use? 

  • When I had blonde hair I used the Clairol Shimmer Lights shampoo and conditioner. This stuff works wonders and keeps your blonde hair from turning brassy. MAKE SURE to rinse it off after 5-10 minutes because your hair will literally turn purple if you leave it on too long.


What deep conditioning hair masks do you use?

  • I use Olaplex Hair Perfector every two weeks to maintain my color and keep my hair healthy. I swear by this stuff honestly! My hairdresser got me on it about two years ago and it truly repairs damage due to coloring your hair. I use this treatment on unwashed hair and I spray my hair down with a water bottle to help the treatment spread through my hair and use less of the product. Don't be fooled by the bottle it comes in; I can do about 6-7 treatments with it. I leave it on my hair for about 30 minutes to an hour before rinsing it out and follow it by shampooing and conditioning my hair.


  • I switch off between the Joico deep conditioning treatment, and the Hello Hair deep conditioning treatment every two weeks. I follow the Olaplex treatment with one of these deep conditioning treatments for the best results.


  • I recently started using DPHUE ACV Scrub that I purchased from Sephora. Of the two times I’ve used it I definitely like the results I am seeing. The product smells awful because it is straight ACV and Himalayan sea salt, however, I like when treatments don’t have added fragrance because I feel like it doesn’t work as well when they fluff it up. I usually wash my hair every day to every other day, but ever since I started using this product I am washing it about every three days. I first wash my hair with shampoo and then really work the scrub into my scalp. I finish by conditioning my hair, however, there is an ACV rinse this same company has that you can use on top of the scrub rather than conditioning. On a side note, a few of my friends have told me that I should try the apple cider vinegar hair cleanse where you no longer use shampoo and conditioner. I'm sure this would be a wonderful treatment to try because shampooing and conditioning can be damaging to your hair, but I'd personally rather stick to my normal routine. So, if you're like me and don't want to completely change your shower routine just add in this ACV scrub to give you a few extra days of clean hair before washing it again.


What leave in conditioner do you use?

  • I use Oribe Super Shine Moisture Cream. This stuff is AMAZING!! It is definitely a bit pricey, but it lasts a long time and truly works. The cream is literally sparkly and makes your hair shine all day on top of taming frizz and split ends.


  • I also use the Kevin Murphy Body Mass leave-in plumping treatment. Once again I swear by this stuff because it truly works and plumps up your hair! This treatment uses eyelash thickening and lengthening technology to strengthen hair, making your hair appear thicker and fuller instantly, whilst improving the quality over time.


  • If you want a great treatment that isn’t as expensive as the others, I would go with the It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Plus Keratin. This product leaves your hair silky smooth and I would recommend using this if you are straightening your hair or letting it air dry and be natural. I’ve tried to curl my hair after using this and my hair fell out since it was so smooth and silky.


What heat protecting products do you use?

  • I use the Living Proof Heat Protectant spray whenever I blow dry, straighten, or curl my hair. It smells so yummy and leaves your hair looking shiny, but not greasy. I've tried a few heat protecting sprays and this has been my favorite one so far.


What texture spray and hairspray do you use?


What hair perfume do you use?

  • I use all 3 of the Jessie James Decker hair perfumes. Y’all who know me know that I’m obsessed with her so of course I bought them all when they came out. The hair perfumes are not drying or damaging to your hair which is great as well. I think it is so much fun to have my hair smelling great on a date night or just for going out in general. Austin loves when I wear them - he is always smelling my hair!

Bless Your Hair - Austin's fav

Sweet Magnolia - My fav

Honey Dew - Perfect spring/summer smell

Go to the fav4Hair website to find these hair perfumes plus another scent that was recently launched! The prices on the website are less expensive than the links above. 


What dry shampoo and powders do you use?

  • My favorite dry shampoo is by Dry Bar. It has worked the best on my hair so I am sticking with it until I find a better one. I think some of the root color dry shampoos are super cool too for when your hair grows out and you are waiting to color it. has some great colored dry shampoos that you can check out on their website!


  • Okay this powder is my all time favorite new beauty product! One of my favorite bloggers that I trust posted about it so of course I had to try! It is the Kevin Murphy Powder Puff Powder! This stuff seriously gives you so much volume and saves you from grease peeking through as the day goes by. To create a messy casual volume, gently tap a few shakes on the hair that you want body on, and the powder morphs into a product that holds.


What pillow case do you use?

  • As you’ve recently seen on my holiday gift guide, I use the Slip Pillow Case. I know what you’re thinking… it is a ridiculous price for a pillow case, but once you get one you will see why! It works wonders to your hair and skin.


  • Another alternative that is cheaper would be the Dry Bar silk pillow case. If you buy one of these and don’t like it you can always return them! I want to hear what y’all think if you buy one because I was shocked how it left my hair the next day after sleeping on it.


What tools do you use to style your hair?

  • I use the T-3 Blow-Dryer and Curler. I also use the Bombay Hair Wand when I want a beachier look. I am starting my own YouTube channel in January and will be doing a curled hair tutorial that I will post on there as well!


  • I use the Remington 2" Hair Straighter. This one is a super reasonable price and I haven’t upgraded this because I rarely straighten my hair so I don’t care to spend money on that right now.


  • I use a wooden square hair brush anytime I am just brushing through my hair. When I blow out my hair I use the T3 Antigravity Barrel Brush. I never used to use a round brush and now I can't blow dry my hair without one because it totally helps my frizz problem and keeps my hair smooth!


  • I use regular hair ties from the grocery store and scrunchies from Urban Outfitters. I never thought I’d be a scrunchy person but so many girls in Kentucky wear them so it made me wanna try some! Now I’m obsessed!!


What serum do you use in your hair once it is styled?

  • I use Brassica Seed Oil in the ends of my hair after I straighten or curl it. One pump goes a LONG way, remember that! It smells super good too so that’s always a bonus. Make sure not to get this close to your roots though because it will make your hair look greasy. I've probably gotten the most of my friends to buy this product because they see how shiny it makes my hair AND it smells great!


What oral products do you use to keep your hair healthy?


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