Weekend Getaway

Hey All!

This weekend my friend Haley and I went to Nashville! A perk to living in Kentucky is being only a short drive to other states. We stayed in the cutest Airbnb downtown and were close to everything! Thank you to everyone who sent us recommendations of where to go. We couldn’t make it to all of the places because we ran out of time, but we will go back soon!

We got to Nash Saturday morning and went straight to 12 South to shop around. There was a fun street fair happening so we walked through that and then went into the boutiques and restaurants. We had lunch at a Greek Café called Epice. It was absolutely delicious, but a little pricey. Hales and I shared a couple plates so we could try it all. After lunch we went to Five Daughters Bakery and got two donuts each- which are huge! I usually don’t like donuts but these were to die for. I got the seasonal cranberry donut, and the milk chocolate salted caramel donut. After stuffing our faces with the first one we went to sit in my car for a second cause our feet were killing us and we gave each other this look like “should we just eat the second one too…” which resulted in once again stuffing our faces. I even had to unbuckle my jeans, ha! We went to check into our condo now and it was absolutely beautiful. We had three stories to ourselves and a rooftop deck. The condo was in a sketchy area and we found that out after a few people stopped us to tell us to not be outside at night… But we survived!


After freshening up we went back to the 12 South strip and walked around some more and got dinner at Burger Up. I would highly recommend this place! It is a fun dark restaurant with the yummiest burger selection. They also have great salads and appetizers. We got fried pickles and I wish I didn’t try these because I am going to want them all the time now! After dinner we headed back to our room because we decided to take the famous Barry’s Boot Camp in the morning. Good decision on our end after eating all the sweets the day before.


We got to Barry’s the next morning and took the bootcamp class. I wish we had these in Kentucky because that is a workout I would love to do! It was interval HIIT training so you switched from ground work and treadmills every seven minutes. It honestly didn’t feel like a workout because everyone was having so much fun during it! After working out we treated ourselves to the clean juice bar next door and then went to Milk & Honey for breakfast. Their biscuits are what they’re famous for so if you stop there definitely make sure to try one! Thinking about them has me drooling right now. From breakfast we went to The Barista Parlor and got some warm coffees. The morning started out pretty cold and rainy, so a hot coffee sounded like the perfect thing before the drive back home. I got the whiskey caramel latte and Hales got the bourbon vanilla one. I do have to say these were pretty delicious! We made one more stop before the drive home and that was at Sprinkles Cupcakes. We were on a sugar high all weekend and couldn’t stop buying desserts! Once we got some road trip sweets we were off. I wish the weekend wasn’t so short but Nashville is close to Kentucky so I’m sure we will be back soon! I’ll list some of the boutiques below that have amazing clothing and are a must shop when you are in Nash. Once I’m twenty-one it will be fun to go downtown because that is where their crazy bar scene is!


American Threads 1200 Villa Pl #108, Nashville, TN 37212

E.Allen Boutique 312 11th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Blush Boutique 606 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

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I hope y’all enjoy! You can also leave comments on this post of recommendations for next time!