Laser Hair Removal

I have been dying to try laser hair removal for a while now, however, I was a bit concerned about the price and long lasting effects of this service. I found a Groupon for 6 treatments on one small and one medium body part. I paid about $350 for this as opposed to the $3,000 that it would have normally been. I strongly recommend looking into coupons and deals for these services since they can be pricey. 

How it works:

A laser is used to cast highly concentrated light into the hair follicles. Pigment in the follicles absorbs the light which destroys the hair over time. Different lasers may be used for what section you are having treated and the laser settings are bumped up each treatment for permanent hair removal.

I chose to do my full Brazilian and underarms since I hate shaving these areas, and because I am constantly dealing with razor rash. I went in for my first treatment not knowing what to expect. I was nervous to experience the pain because I have heard that it can be pretty painful. But it seriously did not hurt me at all- I was shocked! They say it feels like a rubber band hitting your skin and I could see how people think that. I thought it just felt like a little pinch every time she placed the laser on me but that was all. I didn't even flinch! (my friend just got laser and said it hurt her.... so maybe I have a high pain tolerance for this).

The laser esthetician draws with wax on the areas she is treating. Both my underarms and brazilian honestly took under five minutes combined. The only thing I did not love was the smell of my hair burning, but it was tolerable. I have had my first two laser appointments and have ZERO hair in both areas. I wasn’t expecting this to happen until after all 6 of my treatments so I am impressed. The first few days after the treatment you will have very fine hairs grow in, but if you don’t touch them they will fall out a few days after. I made the mistake of shaving the first time and hair grew back, so then I left the areas alone and the hair fell out about 5-6 days later.

After 6 treatments you should have little to no hair remaining on your areas that were treated. To maintain the results, you should go back about once every 1-2 years to get one treatment done and keep the hair off.

I'll let you guys know how the remainder of my treatments go and if I'm happy with my results. Contact me if you have any questions!! I am seriously happy to answer anything so do not feel shy!



Q: Can you be in the sun or get spray tans during the process of laser hair removal?

A: Unfortunately, no. You can be in the sun 6 weeks before a treatment or 6 weeks after, but not during. Which is confusing since the treatments are 6 weeks apart, but I strongly advise you not to because you can get sun spots on your body if you do. If you absolutely have to be in the sun showing bare skin make sure to use a high SPF to prevent anything from happening. However, you CAN get spray tans! But only after your treatment. You can even get one right after finishing if you would like, but make sure to not have one a week in advance to your next appointment. Winter time is great to have this treatment since you most likely won’t be in a bathing suit often!


Q: Is laser hair treatment permanent?

A: For the most part yes. The only reason hair would grow back is if you undergo extreme hormonal changes like pregnancy, etc.


Q: How many sessions do you need?

A: They say about 6, but if you have coarse hair it might take 6-8 sessions.


Q: Does laser lighten your skin?

A: No, but it does make your skin feel extremely soft. If you have colored skin it can lighten your underarms, but that is it.


*read reviews on the company you choose to go with before a consultation  




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