Microblading Eyebrows

You guys!!

 I have been interested in getting my eyebrows microbladed for so long but I was skeptical about the procedure. I saw a blogger that I follow post about her experience at Permanent Appeal, and this is what made me check it out again after putting it off for a while. After doing my research I decided to give the owner of Permanent Appeal, Jacqueline a call to set up a consultation. I was definitely a little bit nervous going into this because it can be scary to have permanent make-up applied to your face. What I learned is that microblading lasts for about 1-2 years depending on how oily your skin is. Knowing this gave me some reassurance because if I didn't like it it would eventually come off--unlike other permanent make-up.

 Also, before going into this it is extremely important to do some research on the service and who is providing it. Jacqueline told me all about her history at various plastic surgery practices and she has her certificates displayed on the wall. There were over 7 signed documents so she knows what she's doing! I decided to go ahead and get my first treatment done the day of my consultation because she made me feel extremely comfortable. She applied the numbing cream to my eyebrows and then sat and talked to me more for about 20 minutes. I want to mention the feel that her room had to it, too. The building is located in Bellevue so you already know that it is going to be nice. You park in a retail parking garage and take the elevator up to the second floor. When you walk inside there are a bunch of different little rooms that people rent out and hers is right at the end. It is a beautiful room that was so clean and looked comfortable. Let me not forget to express how comfy the chair was! She had a fuzzy blanket waiting for me and a Sprite and water on the side. Once it was time to start the process she wiped off the numbing gel and penciled in where she would be drawing the eyebrows in. I already have good eyebrows (thanks to Lash Babe) so my goal was to make them thicker and a bit longer on the tails. After we figured out how I liked them we began! How the procedure works is Jacqueline uses small scalpel knives of different shapes and thickness to make tiny incisions in your brow. After she does this on both sides she used a q-tip to rub the color inside the open strokes. I am not gonna lie this hurt a bit. She described it to me as rubbing a sunburn and it was definitely that! The pain for sure varies for people though because tons of people say that it doesn't hurt them, but it bothered me. I think the real problem that I had was I am not the greatest with needles and you hear a little scratching sound as she does the strokes. This is completely normal but the thought of it scraping my skin grossed me out.. Beauty is pain though, right? I brought head phones to my final touch up appointment and it was a breeze compared to the first session. After the first session you go back two more times and then you're done. I cannot express how happy I am with the end result. My brows look AMAZING!!! It's crazy how real they look too. My mom hates things like this and when I came home to show her she liked it so much she said she would do it herself! Jacqueline told me all about the 4 week after care once I was done. After 4 weeks you go back in for a quick touch up and then you are set for 1-2 years! It's magic. 


Q & A

1. Does it hurt?

•  It depends on your pain tolerance... I'm not gonna lie it definitely hurt me. But then again it lasts 1-2 years.. so the 35 minutes of pain is nothing!

2. How much does it cost?

• The cost ranges from about $500 and up. You want it to be expensive though-- that's how you know you are going to a professional who is certified! 

3. Do they take off your normal eyebrows?

• Heck no!! There is no way I would have gone through with this if they did that. 

4. What is the after care? 

• There is a 4 week plan that you follow. The first 10 days you do not moisturize them, but you dab them with a wet cotton ball to keep them moist. The skin will start to get dry and peel off. This is because the color is processing under the skin. After day 10 they are less ashy and the color will come back as you start to moisturize them. Once you hit day 30 you go back in for your last procedure and then you are good to go! 


*If you are getting this done for a big event make sure to do it about 2-3 months before* 


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