Life Changes

Hey y’all!

Being new to blogging, I thought I would share what has been going on in my life lately. This has been the craziest year yet, and there are many new and exciting things to come! I have gone through several life changes that have made me grow as a person, but also struggle immensely.

I am originally from Seattle, Washington and have lived here my whole life. The Pacific Northwest was the perfect place to grow up because there are a million things you can do in this beautiful state. From touring the city, to shopping, hiking, and lake days, the list goes on. I have made the absolute best friends here including my boyfriend of 6 years. I've always loved my life in Washington and never thought I would leave. 

Last November my sister and her husband decided to move to Kentucky to build the house and barn of their dreams in the beautiful country. We grew up with horses so it's a girl's dream to live in the country with ponies everywhere. My parents visited them after they moved and fell in love. They decided to sell the house and move to Kentucky literally the week after. Talk about change! I was still enrolled at the University of Washington so I planned to finish my second year there before transferring.

I lived with my boyfriend’s family from February to the end of August when my dad flew out to drive me to Kentucky. The first couple of months in Washington I struggled because I was so connected to my house and parents as I’ve lived with them my whole life. As perfect as it was to live with my boyfriend’s family (practically my second family) it was still hard to adjust. I found myself crying frequently which was very unlike me because nothing traumatic happened and I am such an easy going, happy person. Once I noticed how anxious I was, I went to the doctor to be checked out. 

The doctor could tell that I was medically anxious and stressed overall, so he suggested that I see a therapist that specializes in human behavior to help with the transition from Seattle to Kentucky. I have always been for therapy - I never thought I would want/need it, but I am so happy that he suggested help because sometimes you need someone else to tell you what they think would be best. I have learned that it's normal to hit a breaking point no matter how big or small your problem may be. I had a hard time letting myself feel sad since I knew there were worse things going on in peoples' lives and in the world, but it is important to take care of yourself no matter what. 

I have always been expressive with what I’m going through, so that is my reason for starting this blog post by sharing some of my personal struggles to keep it real. I don’t want to sound perfect because I am not, and I want to connect with people on a deeper level than just fashion and beauty. It takes being uncomfortable to find your comfort. 

I am now living in Kentucky and have adjusted to the change. I am happier than ever to be back with my family and making new friends in college. Now that the anxiety has lessened, I am so thankful that my family made this move. I forget that there is so much more to the world than the town I grew up in. I am in love with the South so far and so excited to continue my life here for who knows how long until the next big change comes along!

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