Healthy Drinks

Hey Friends!

With summer coming to an end it’s important to stay healthy even though it’s easy to take a break from exercise and healthy habits. Below are a few of my favorite detox drinks! 

I am starting with my absolute favorite comfort drink on a cold, rainy day. It is homemade hot chocolate made with all natural ingredients and no sugar!!!

·  Fill a teacup with your choice of milk –almond, cashew, hemp, coconut, etc. (I think almond is best)

·  Microwave for 1 minute

·  Take a teaspoon of organic cocoa powder (I use dark chocolate)

·  Take a tablespoon of organic MACA powder (this boosts metabolism and is packed with nutrients)

·  Spoonful of honey

Stir this all together and then microwave again for another minute to get it really hot. It comes out frothy on the top and absolutely tastes like hot chocolate!!


My second drink is actually known as the ultimate detox! Not the tastiest but your body will be feeling amazing after downing this. You can make it either iced or blended! Apple cider vinegar is known to take inches off of your waist. Your bod will thank you later! 

•  1 teaspoon organic apple cider vinegar

•  100% grapefruit juice (I use Trader Joe's) 

•  Little squeeze of a lemon or lemon juice


The next drink is another tasty option! I love this drink because it is delicious and yet another detox. The measurements are a bit big on here but you can eyeball it. I choose to make a lot in a pitcher and drink it throughout the day.

•  1 cup of Trader Joe's organic 100% cranberry juice 

•  5 cups water

•  Dash of freshly squeezed lemon

•  Spoonful of chia seeds (optional)

This is my go to shake- it is delicious because it is full of greens and you can't even taste them! I have two recipes depending on what I’m feeling for that day. It fits inside my magic bullet -that way you don't have too much, and you have all of the nutrients packed inside. 

Recipe 1:

•  1 cup coconut water (or almond milk)

•  Freshly squeezed lemon or lemon juice

•  Frozen mixed berries

•  Two full leaves of kale 

•  A handful of spinach 

•  2 Tbsp ground flaxseed 

•  1 Tbsp chia seed 

•  1 tsp of MCT oil (shred off the excess weight)

•  1 scoop collagen (keep that skin glowing!)

Recipe 2: (don’t let the color fool you-tastes just like peanut butter)

·   1 cup almond milk

.   1/2 cup oats

·    1 frozen banana

·   Handful of spinach

·   2 scoops plant based organic peanut butter protein (I use Organic Protein plant based)

·   Flax & Chia seed


My fav drinks that are a treat but still healthy! I love carbonation and most of these incorporate it.

•  Naturally flavored Talking Rain 

•  La Croix

•  San Pellegrino 

•  Kombucha (many flavors to choose from)

•  100% grapefruit juice

•  Green tea with lemonade & flavored honey like blackberry, etc. 

•  Matcha green tea powder with ice water and touch of lemonade (ask for this at Starbucks it's amazing)




HealthMegan Kiteley