Travel Necessities

Every time I fly somewhere I am always forgetting something at home and completely regret it… I thought I would create a list of my must have traveling essentials to keep myself on track, and maybe give out some ideas to you all, too!

To state the obvious, I of course bring my wallet, photo ID, phone charger, and laptop charger. All of the items listed below are what I bring in my carry on no matter where I am traveling to!


My first item is a pair of noise cancelling headphones. I can’t stand the sound of the planes engine or people talking when I’m trying to relax. I used to bring my headphones that came with my phone, but those definitely don’t block out the sound! I know bring a pair of Beats Headphones (it’s just what I have), but any kind works!

Neck Pillow

A MUST have would be a neck pillow! I honestly didn’t get one until moving to Kentucky, but the plane rides back to Washington are so long now and it’s a game changer. It sucks when you try and get cozy in your seat and have no where for your head to rest comfortably. My neck pillow makes all the difference for me!!


Essential Oils

I’m not exaggerating when I say I bring my lavender essential oil stick with me everywhere. Airports can be gross and I love to have my calming oil to breath in and relax. Especially when I’m gonna nap on the plane I take a couple deep breaths of it and feel a lot more calm then before. You can rub it on your wrists or temples to feel calm as well.


Gum/Breath Spray/Mints

I always have my little stash of gum and mints with me when I travel because I like to feel fresh. It’s always nice to have when your neighbor doesn’t have the greatest breath and you can offer them one as you’re taking one yourself! I’ve done that a few times now, and even if they don’t smell it’s just a nice gesture to be friendly and make conversation.


Hand Sanitizer

I am the queen of hand sanitizer! I have it stashed in my car, backpack, and purse because I can’t stand the feeling of dirty or sticky hands when I can’t make it to a sink to wash them. Hand sanitizer is another way to make me feel clean when I’m in a place with many germs! Also, you can use it before having snacks on the plane.



Chapped lips are awful and I feel like my skin gets super dry when traveling. I always keep an intensive care moisturizing chapstick with me on the plane to use throughout the day. I’ll use my lipstick or lip gloss when getting off so I feel more presentable for whoever is picking me up. Lip color can do so much when you are looking casual and want to add a pop of color.


Face Spray/Concealer/Eye Drops/Deodorant/Perfume

As you can tell I am all about feeling fresh and clean while traveling. I have never taken facial spray with me, however, I just saw Khloe Kardashian post about how she brings it on her flights to feel refreshed at all times. I thought that was so smart so I decided to go purchase a mineral face spray as well! There are so many kinds to choose from and you can honestly just get them from the drugstore. The facial sprays that I have are linked below. Eye drops are another must have because I have contacts so when I wake up from a nap my eyes are super itchy and dry. It feels amazing to put a couple drops in and feel awake again and not so groggy. Deodorant is a necessity while running around the airport. I never know where I’m going and end up walking/running my butt off. I’m awful with scheduling layover time before my next flight so I have to book it once I’m off one plane to make it to the other!



I usually take a little baggie of my vitamins with me just to remember to take them. I take fish oil, magnesium, B12, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D daily. If I feel a bit sick it’s nice to have vitamin C, but all the others always make me feel great too. Advil is a must have while traveling for headache, body cramps, and so many more reasons.


Hydroflask & Snacks

I chug water when traveling to keep me feeling great! I always bring my Hydroflask because I have the 32oz one so I don’t have to constantly fill it. Water bottles are so expensive at airports they rip you off with everything. For snacks, my mama taught me a trick the other day. I love oatmeal so much and always pay a lot for it at Starbucks in the airport. She said she puts oatmeal, granola, cranberries, coconut flakes, and whatever else you want into a single Ziploc bag. When you are at the airport waiting for your flight you can go to the Starbucks and ask for a hot cup filled with water and a spoon. Just dump your baggie into it and wallah you have oatmeal for free! I try and spend as little money as I can at the airport so I will definitely be bringing this with me! I’ll usually purchase something small from them like a tea or snack to be nice since they are giving me the cup and water. Oatmeal is a healthy choice to not make you feel bloated while flying and it is super filling! Other snacks I like are almonds, veggies, fruit, pretzel pub mix, etc.


Book & Magazine

I’ll bring either a book or magazine with me on the plane. I used to bring a couple thinking I could get through them all, but let’s face it that never happens. Homework is also nice to bring on the plane so you don’t have to worry about it once you’ve reached your destination.  


Sunglasses/Hat/Nail Polish

A couple random items I usually have with me is a pair of sunglasses, a hat, and nail polish. The hat and sunglasses speak for themselves, and I use the nail polish for touch ups while waiting for my flight or once I land. It’s handy to have nail clippers and a file, cause us girls always need them!


Okay this list sounds like a lot… but I swear it fits into my purse or backpack every time! Most of the items are little so they don’t take up much room. I hope y’all found this useful when traveling or for everyday life!

I’d love to hear about your travel necessities as well! I’m always looking for new ideas! 

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